Mission Protocol Code of Conduct v1.1


[PROJECT LEADERS: detail the mission statement for your project here. It should be a short, scoped statement directly related to the value proposition of what you plan to create]


Our objective is to focus on the mission we set out to accomplish, which we believe will produce an important social good in the world. Our standards are directed towards achieving this mission. We will conduct ourselves with professional integrity and set aside divisive discourse that doesn’t help us achieve our mission.


Leadership principle: Project leaders are responsible and authorized to make judgments and take appropriate actions to define the mission and keep the project in line with this mission.

Mission focus: We will focus our efforts on accomplishing the project’s mission, so that it is fulfilled to its highest potential.

Creative conflict: We acknowledge that discussions and disagreements are a natural part of problem-solving and should happen in a constructive way.

The whole is greater than the parts: We are a project with diverse opinions and fields of engagement, but we are here to focus on what unites us, instead of what divides us.

Principle of charity: We assume positive intentions of members, contributors, and policies.

Prohibited Behavior


In line with the leadership principle, project leaders have the responsibility to clarify and interpret the mission, as well as the intentions and standards in this code of conduct, in order to maintain mission focus. When individuals engage in prohibited behavior, project leaders are expected to take expedient, fair, and appropriate action to address the violation(s). The standards and prohibitions in this document also apply to project leaders.

Conflict Resolution


We highly encourage contributors to resolve conflicts by directly reaching out to the other party or parties involved in the dispute. When this is insufficient, members can report the issue to project leaders via email at [CONTACT ADDRESS] within 31 days of the inciting event and request a formal resolution.

Project leaders will make reasonable efforts to adjudicate incidents shortly after they are brought to their attention.


Project leaders shall take all reasonable actions to ensure the successful execution of the mission statement and the maximum effectiveness of the project.

All material in official project spaces is subject to the code of conduct, and as such, can be deleted, modified, or rejected by project leaders if it is found to be in violation of the code of conduct. In repeated or severe cases, project leaders may exclude individuals from further contribution to the project on a temporary or permanent basis.


This code of conduct applies to official project spaces, which include but are not limited to: social media, conferences, code repositories, and discussion boards. This code of conduct also applies to members and contributors who represent the project in non-project spaces, such as when contributors give a talk on behalf of the project at a conference. In official spaces, members and contributors should operate with decorum that reflects positively on the project, its objectives, and its community.


The Mission Protocol Code of Conduct was created under the CC BY 4.0 License in 2020. Frequently asked questions about Mission Protocol are available here.